Photo/Video Policy and Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Attendees

  • Your ticket purchase/attendance implies consent to adherence of this policy.
  • Basic rules of photo (and other) etiquette apply to all Weekender events, locations, and people.
  • Regardless of credentialing, all attendees are to abide by this BHoF Photo/Video Policy & Code of Conduct.


Ask permission before photographing people. This is just politeness and common sense.

Interfering with others

Repeat interference** with the participants/attendees or otherwise obstructing/disrupting others’ enjoyment of any BHoF event (showcases, panels, etc.) risks removal from the venue and/or revocation of credentials without recompense.

**Repeat interference is simply if asked to refrain from doing so more than once by ANYONE, including another attendee.

Photography in the Orleans Showroom Theater


Press/photo/video registration credentials are offered on a limited basis and revoked at the discretion of the Orleans and/or BHoF. (See the full Press Policy for details.)

Credentialed photographers and BHoF photography corps

Select areas of the venue will be designated for credentialed photographers at both the front and rear of the theater. You are free to photograph from other spots provided you do not stand at the front of the stage, block the aisles or otherwise compromise fire safety and/or obstruct the view of other attendees.

Flash photography

Flash photography is not allowed in the showroom during performances. Use of flash is permitted before the show, during intermission, and after the show.

Personal cameras

Personal cameras are welcomed at all BHoF Weekender events, provided their use is not disruptive. Attendees may take photos from their seats only, and must not stand in the aisles or press area, obstruct views, or use flash during performances of any kind. Likewise, if a performer requests that no photography take place during their act, we expect all attendees to respect that request, whether written beforehand or requested orally before the performance.

iPads and tablets

Use of iPads and other tablets for photography in the Showroom Theater are banned as this obstructs the view of others.

Video in the Orleans Showroom Theater

Absolutely NO AMATEUR VIDEO** is permitted. Only pre-approved video by the professionals engaged by BHoF will be allowed in the Showroom and other BHoF Weekend events. We are very serious about this. We allow NO filming with any type of camera including the allowable still digital cameras with video capacity and smartphones. Not for “just one act,” not if you’re related to the performer, not if the performer asked you to or said it is okay. This includes all scheduled daytime and nighttime events.

This prohibition relates to all video-related conduct, including but not limited to:

Live streaming on any platform, videotelephony (e.g. Facetime, Skype), taping, filming, webcast, rebroadcast, or generally anything other than still photographs, shot during or after the event. (Meaning: if you film any part of our show and subsequently upload or otherwise share such footage in any way, you are in violation of both BHoF Weekender policy and federal copyright law.)

Violation of this policy could result in your being removed from the venue, showcase or event without recompense.

** Other than by those authorized IN ADVANCE and IN WRITING by BHoF. In order to be granted an exception to the No Filming policy, you MUST submit a formal press request to the BHoF, per the Press Policy, on or before May 13, 2022.

Violation of this policy

Please note that United States copyright law prohibits the webcast, broadcast, transmission, retransmission, or other duplication of any copyrighted performance, programming, and/or other such content. Violation of the “no filming” rule may result in removal from the event, for the day/night and/or duration of the Weekender. Furthermore, if you post unauthorized video online (e.g. to a social or video-sharing website), we reserve the right to protect our intellectual property however necessary, including but not limited to reporting your infringement to the proper authorities, legal action, and/or a permanent ban from attending future BHoF events.

Additional press-specific photo/video policies

The Press Policy contains additional photo/video policies to which press members must also adhere.

Other pertinent information

Access to performers/personnel and restricted areas

Interviews with specific performers, hosts or BHoF personnel are only allowed when coordinated in advance with our PR/media team. All such interviews depend on availability, conditions, and restrictions to be determined on an individual basis.

Backstage access

The backstage area is restricted to performers and production team only. No photography, videography, or any press or media permitted backstage under any circumstance.


BHoF engages professionals to film Weekender events. If you would like footage of your BHoF Weekender act or have a project that requires video from the Weekender, it will be available for a nominal fee.

View-obstructing attire

Please avoid wearing hats or wigs/hairstyles that obstruct the view of patrons sitting behind you in the Showroom Theatre. We do not want to regulate anyone’s fashion tastes (especially at this event!) but please be mindful of this as we get complaints every year!