Showroom and Hotel Accessibility FAQ

Where in the showroom can people using mobility aids plan to be seated?

Several rows of seats at the front and rear of the showroom are removable and will be reserved as accessible seating at the Standard Pass rate. Seats in rows immediately in front of or behind those seats have been designated for use by companions of people using mobility aids. Please contact us at if you need assistance purchasing tickets for a companion.

What is BHoF’s COVID policy?

For the protection of our performers, production staff and volunteers, attendees, and burlesque Legends, all attendees to the 2023 BHoF Weekender will be required to be fully vaccinated. Vaccinations are recognized as the single most effective way to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, and thus the best way to reduce the risk of attending the Weekender for our beloved burlesque Legends and other immune-compromised people in our community. We also strongly suggest that attendees and performers wear masks in the showroom and at indoor BHoF events, for the protection of our Legends and other elderly or immunocompromised guests. 

Is the pathway from parking to venue seats accessible for those with mobility restrictions?

The Orleans complies with all relevant ADA requirements. All entrances have automatic doors and curb cutouts. The showroom and backstage area are wheelchair accessible. Movement through the casino may be difficult in places, due to close placement of machines, but the casino is criss-crossed with wide walkways that facilitate access to the various areas of the resort (rooms, showroom, restaurants, and exits). 

Is there an accessible way to get to the convention center upstairs?

Yes, there is an elevator near the showroom that goes to the convention center. The elevator is located behind the Keno area, just east of the doors to the parking lot. It exits onto the large reception area in the convention center where our registration tables will be located.

Are there ADA-compliant restrooms available and, if so, where are they relative to seating?

All public restrooms at The Orleans include ADA-compliant stalls. The nearest restroom to the Orleans showroom is in the keno area just to the right of the showroom (if you are facing the showroom). The BHoF convention area upstairs also includes ADA-compliant restrooms. 

Will there be interpreters or captioning provided for those who are deaf of hard-of-hearing?

We are planning to have ASL interpreters during the showcases to interpret emcees.

Will there be a quiet zone or chill area for those needing a break from interaction?

We are currently working with the Orleans to assign a “quiet room” in the convention area somewhat separate from the main BHoF area. This area will be indicated on the map in the Weekender program.

Are service animals allowed in the showroom/casino?

Service animals are allowed anywhere within the Orleans, in compliance with federal and state law. Animals designated as “emotional support animals” are allowed in all BHoF-controlled areas, but may not be allowed in some parts of the resort (e.g. restaurants). 

For those staying at the Orleans, are there ADA-compliant rooms available?

The Orleans has a limited number of ADA-compliant rooms. These rooms are available at the same discounted rates offered to other BHoF Weekend attendees but may be difficult to reserve using the Orleans’ online portal. We suggest making your reservations by phone at 1(800) 675-3267 (use the reservation ID# BHFE23C for BHoF’s discounted rate) to request an ADA-compliant room.

How does selection and judging accommodate those with differing abilities?

Members of our selection committee are instructed to rate each act according to its own merits and to consider the way physical limitations might impact a performer’s act. Diversity along all axes is important to BHoF in putting together our show and differences in physical ability are taken into account in the final selection process. Judges will receive specific instruction provided by BHoF’s diversity committees as part of their training for the role. 

Is the backstage area accessible for those with mobility restrictions?

Yes. The backstage is accessed via ramp and there is an unobstructed pathway to the dressing rooms. Several of the dressing rooms include ADA-compliant restrooms (but not all — please let the production team know you require access to an ADA-compliant restroom). 

Will the event be available online/streamed?

At this point, we are planning to stream all three showcases. More information will be available as we finalize arrangements. 

Who can I contact with additional accessibility questions?

Please contact us at and we will make sure your question gets to the proper person. All disability-related questions will also be reviewed by our disability committee to make sure we do the best we can to address them. 

Walkthrough of showroom for attendees and performers

These videos give an idea of the physical spaces in which Weekender attendees and performers will have to navigate in the Orleans Showroom. We apologize for the low volume of the audio in places. Please email us at if you have any questions about the spaces shown in the videos or about accessibility in general.

Walkthrough of showroom “front of house”

Video showing access to closest restrooms to showroom

Backstage area including dressing rooms