2024 Legends Challenge Policies & Procedures


Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF) Weekend
Legends Challenge Policies & Procedures

This document details Legends Challenge Policies & Protocol (P&P) including the express goals of the mission, allocation of funds, tax deductions, and where to send donations. To ensure consistency for all LC-branded events, participants are expected to adhere to the P&P, so please take a moment to review the below thoroughly. We’re grateful for the assistance from the burlesque community and look forward to supporting the success of your Legends Challenge!

GOAL: Raise funds to help offset BHoF Legends’ expenses as laid out in the Legends Policies & Protocol, which assists burlesque Legends to attend the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Legends Challenge (LC) does NOT guarantee assistance to every Legend. Our goal is to cover all fundamental Legends’ expenses and to help the Legends who make us aware of their needs.

All funds will be part of BHoF’s general operating fund, from which all Legend expenses are reimbursed. After Legend expenses are covered and if applicable, surplus funds will be donated to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum.

Legends Challenge Events:

A Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge is any approved fundraising event (show, bake sale, car wash, merchandise sales, etc.) where all or a portion of the proceeds go to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Legends Challenge funds.

The BHoF logo and name shall not be used in a way that can be construed to imply our direct involvement in or endorsement of your event. For example, an acceptable solution would be:

Kitty von Clawz presents The Legends Challenge Luncheon

A benefit for The Burlesque Hall of Fame

To submit your LC event(s), please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/NkvmWdASrq9e5oAR8 

Legends Challenge Individual Donations:

You can also be a Legends Challenge Individual Donor, giving just $5 can add up to help pay for a Legends hotel room!

Delegation of Funds:

All LC funds will go into a general pool that will be used to cover hotel rooms, weekend passes, and assist in travel expenses for Legends who expressed the need in order to attend.

Because charitable contribution law does not allow donations to be earmarked for specific individuals, funds donated through the LC WILL NOT BE EARMARKED for a specific Legend. If you would like to host a fundraising event for a specific Legend, PLEASE DO!!! BHoF encourages, supports, and thanks your efforts to assist any legend, but the event will need to take place outside of the official BHoF Legends Challenge as an individual separate fundraiser.

Tax Deductions:

Proceeds from Legends Challenge events and individual donations submitted to the Burlesque Hall of Fame are tax-deductible and all donors will automatically receive a tax receipt issued by BHoF.

Please note: Only funds submitted to BHoF are tax-deductible; expenditures directly made to sponsored Legends are generally not tax-deductible.

  • Example 1: LC Producer #1 raises $800 and submits the full amount to BHoF. Tax-deductible amount = $800
  • Example 2: LC Producer #2 raises $800, uses $300 to purchase a plane ticket for her Legend, and then submits the rest to BHoF. Tax-deductible amount = $500

How to Send Donations to the Legends Challenge:

  • Online at: https://bhof.link/lc24
  • Write a check made out to “Burlesque Hall of Fame” and “Legends Challenge” in the notes section
  • If mailing a donation, please send it to: 

1027 S Main St #110
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Funds must be turned over to BHoF within 30 days of your Legends Challenge event. Individual donations must be received by June 9th at 11:59pm PST to benefit Legends for the 2024 BHoF Weekend.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Kisa Von Teasa, Legends Challenge Coordinator, at challenge@bhofweekend.com