Legends Challenge

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is the world’s biggest, most prestigious burlesque gathering and also the longest running. Continuous since 1957, the weekend has its roots in BHoF founder Jennie Lee’s annual gathering of stars from the art’s heyday. Since Jennie’s passing in 1990, Dixie Evans upheld that dream, growing the reunion from a private gathering of retired dancers and performers into the internationally renowned four-day Las Vegas extravaganza now known as the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.

As the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend has grown, so has our commitment to celebrating the trailblazers who made burlesque great. We are proud of our Living Legends—and we need your help to get as many of them as possible to Vegas this year. We can’t spell “Burlesque” without “U,” so please help us rock this year’s BHoF Weekend Legends Challenge!

What: Created in 2011 by Sparkly Devil, the BHoF weekend Legends Challenge is a fundraising effort where we challenge members of the international burlesque community to show their love for our Living Legends by helping us raise money to help the museum offset the cost of having them attend the BHoF Weekend every June.

Why: In today’s difficult financial climate, BHoF has very limited funds—and as such, our ability to comp hotel rooms for all performing Legends, provide weekend ticket passes to all attending Legends, and cover travel costs for our honored guests has been severely compromised. By holding a Legends Challenge Event or donating to the Legends Challenge you are not only helping us bring vintage superstars to Las Vegas, you are helping support the Hall of Fame itself!

Who: Anyone and everyone!

When: Starting now until June 6, 2024

Where: Around the world and everywhere in between! From big cities with burlesque halls to small towns that don’t even know what burlesque is (yet!). No matter where you are, you can help!

How: You can put on a fundraising event (i.e. show, raffle, car wash, bake sale, gather donations from backstage, etc.) or you can give to the Legends Challenge with an individual donation.

If you would like to host an official 2024 BHoF Legends Challenge Event please submit your Legends Challenge event by filling out a brief application at https://forms.gle/cAJnqj5HM2xDcQFw7

Want more information? Take a look at our Legends Challenge Policies and Procedures or contact Kisa von Teasa, Legends Challenge Coordinator, at challenge@bhofweekend.com.

Check out the list of Legends Challenge events worldwide! (Check out last year’s list too!”

If you would like to make an individual contribution to the Legends Challenge please contact challenge@bhofweekend.com or use our online donation form to donate (or use the form below).


Sure, but… what do I get out of it?

  • You will be listed as an official Legends Challenge Event or Donor on the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend’s Facebook page
  • We will help promote your Legends Challenge Event via social media and email blasts. We will also send you resources to help make your event as painless and profitable as possible.
  • The top ten donors/events will get a thank you shout-out in the BHoF Weekend program
  • The top three donors/events will be recognized on stage at Friday night’s Titans and Icons of Tease Reunion Showcase
  • But most importantly you will experience the pride and joy of knowing that your hard work helped make a lot of sexy, spangled people (of all ages) very, very happy!

Delegation of Funds:
All LC funds will go into a pool that will be offset expenses for hotel rooms, weekend passes, and assist in travel expenses for Legends who expressed the need in order to attend. Any funds remaining after these expenses have been covered will go into the museum’s general fund.

* NOTE: In an attempt to be fair to all attending legends, BHoF will no longer have Legends Challenge funds earmarked for a specific Legend. If you would like to host a fundraising event for a specific legend, BHoF encourages and supports your efforts, but the event would need to take place outside of the Legends Challenge

Other questions or concerns? Email the Legends Challenge Coordinator Kisa von Teasa at challenge@bhofweekend.com.