Title-Holders, 1991 – Present

Below is a complete list of Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (nee Miss Exotic World) titleholders, from 1991 to the present.


Mx. Exotic World 2024, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Ms. B LaRose (Chicago, IL)
MEW 1st Runner Up: Margo May Hem (New York City, NY)
MEW 2nd Runner Up: Banbury Cross (London, UK/Oakland, CA)
Best Debut: Rhys Lightning (Sydney, Australia)
Best Debut Runner Up: Violette Coquette (Edmonton, AB)
Best Small Group: Lilly SnatchDragon & Mark Anthony (Chester, UK)
Best Large Group: The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue (Victoria, BC)
Most Dazzling: Violette Coquette (Edmonton, AB)
Most Classic: Violette Coquette (Edmonton, AB)
Most Comedic: Lucy Lovegun (Perth, Australia)
Most Innovative: Margo May Hem (New York City, NY)


Miss Exotic World 2023, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Samson Night (New York, New York)*
MEW 1st Runner Up: Moscato Sky (Seattle, Washington)
MEW 2nd Runner Up: Faggedy Randy (Chicago, IL)
Best Debut: Margo May Hem (New York City, NY)
Best Debut Runner Up: Android Allure (Seattle, WA)
Best Small Group: Kozmic Joy (Kozmic Skater and Joy Rider) (Montreal, Canada)
Best Large Group: The Pin-Up Posse (Vancouver, Canada)
Most Dazzling: Chris Oh! (Geneva, Switzerland)
Most Classic: Ginevra Joyce (Rome, Italy)
Most Comedic: Faggedy Randy (Chicago, IL)
Most Innovative: Kozmic Joy (Kozmic Skater and Joy Rider) (Montreal, Canada)

* Starting in 2023, Solo categories are open to all genders and MEW winner can select Miss, Mr., Mx., or other title they feel best reflects their identity


Miss Exotic World 2022, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière (Montreal, Canada)
1st Runner Up: Moscato Sky (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Aria Delanoche (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Best Debut: Joy Rider (Montreal, Canada)
Best Small Group: Midnight Mayhem (New York, New York)
Best Large Group: Fatbottom Cabaret (Austin, Texas)
Best Boylesque: P. NoNoire (Chicago, Illinois)
Most Dazzling: P. NoNoire (Chicago, Illinois)
Most Classic: Madison Jane (Asheville, North Carolina)
Most Comedic: James & the Giant Pasty (Toronto, Canada)
Most Innovative: Samson Night (New York, New York)

2020 & 2021

Competition not held due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Miss Exotic World 2019, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco, California)
1st Runner Up: RedBone (San Francisco, California)
2nd Runner Up: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere (Kahnawake, Canada)
Best Debut: Dahlia Fatale (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Small Group: Kitten N’ Lou (New York, New York)
Best Large Group: Mod Carousel (Seattle, Washington)
Best Boylesque: Joshua Dean (New York, New York)
Most Dazzling: Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco, California)
Most Classic: Holly’s Good (Rome, Italy)
Most Comedic: Faye Havoc & Donna Boss Rogers (Vancouver, Canada)
Most Innovative: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere (Kahnawake, Canada)


Miss Exotic World 2018, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: INGA (Seattle, WA)
1st Runner Up: Jessebelle Thunder (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Elle Dorado (New Orleans, LA)
Best Debut:Aria Delanoche (Montreal, Canada)
Best Small Group: Mara & Alekseï (Paris, France)
Best Large Group: Boys Night Revue (New York, NY)
Best Boylesque: Ickymuffin (Dallas, TX)
Most Classic: Aria Delanoche (Montreal, Canada)
Most Innovative: Boo Bess & Jenny C’est Quoi (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Comedic: BoylesqueTO (Toronto, Canada)
Most Dazzling: Chris Oh! (Auckland, New Zealand)


Miss Exotic World 2017: Medianoche (New York City, NY)
1st Runner Up: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: Sydni Deveraux (New York City, NY)
Best Debut: Musette the Mistress of Mischief (Minneapolis, MN)
Best Boylesque: Lou Henry Hoover (New York, NY)
Best Small Group: Frankie Fictitious and Her Tattooed Man (Oakland, CA)
Best Large Group: Perle Noire presents The House of Noire (New York City, NY)
Most Innovative: Rubyyy Jones (London, UK)
Most Classic: Gin Minsky (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Comedic: Tito Bonito (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Dazzling: Medianoche (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World 2016, Queen of Burlesque: Poison Ivory (New York City, New York)
1st Runner Up: Lada Redstar (Sarajevo, Former Yugoslavia)
2nd Runner Up: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Best Boylesque & Most Innovative: Harden Reddy (Munich, Germany)
Best Debut & Most Classic: Gaea Lady (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Small Group: 2 To Fly (New York City, New York)
Best Large Group & Most Comedic: Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society (Vancouver, Canada)
Most Dazzling: Vicky Butterfly (London, United Kingdom)


Miss Exotic World 2015, Queen of Burlesque: Trixie Little (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)
2nd Runner Up: Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX)
Best Boylesque: Matt Finish (Tucson, AZ)
Best Debut: Zelia Rose (Melbourne, Australia)
Best Small Group and Most Comedic: The Original Twins (Seattle, WA)
Best Large Group and Most Innovative: Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies (New York, NY)
Most Classic: Ruby Joule (Austin, TX)
Most Dazzling: Raven Virginia (Calgary, Canada)


Miss Exotic World 2014, Queen of Burlesque: Midnite Martini (Denver, CO)
1st Runner Up: Medianoche (New York, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX)
Best Boylesque: Mr. Gorgeous (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Bonnie Fox (London, United Kingdom)
Best Group: Land of the Sweets (Seattle, WA)
Best Troupe: The Ruby Revue (Dallas, TX)
Most Classic: Missy Lisa (Dallas, TX)
Most Comedic: Kitten n’ Lou (Seattle, WA/New York, NY)
Most Dazzling: Bonnie Fox (London, UK)
Most Innovative: Aurora Galore (London, UK)


Miss Exotic World 2013, Queen of Burlesque: LouLou D’vil (Helsinki, Finland)
1st Runner Up: Sydni Deveraux (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Lola Frost (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Best Boylesque: Ray Gunn (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Debut: Lada Redstar (Sarajevo – Former Yugoslavia)
Best Duo: Sandria Dore & Russell Bruner (Portland, Oregon)
Best Group: Swing Time (Portland, Oregon)
Most Classic: LouLou D’vil (Helsinki, Finland)
Most Comedic: Mr. Gorgeous (New York, New York)
Most Dazzling: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Most Innovative: Laurie Hagen (London, United Kingdom)


Queen of Burlesque: Imogen Kelly (Sydney, Australia)
1st Runner Up: Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: Trixie Little (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Best Boylesque:  Russell Bruner (Portland, OR)
Best Duo: Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)
Best Troupe: The Peek-A-Boo Revue (Philadelphia, PA)
Most Classic: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Most Comedic: April O’Peel (Vancouver, BC)
Most Dazzling Dancer: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)
Most Innovative: Koko La Douce (Zürich, Switzerland)


Queen of Burlesque: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA)
1st Runner Up: Anna Fur Laxis (Yorkshire, UK)
2nd Runner Up: Lily Verlaine (Seattle, WA)
Best Debut: LouLou D’vil (Tampere, Finland)
Best Boylesque:  Captain Kidd (Brisbane, Australia)
Best Troupe: The Stage Door Johnnies (Chicago, IL)
Most Classic: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA)
Most Comedic: The Dolls of Doom (Chicago, IL)
Most Dazzling: Captain Kidd (Brisbane, Australia)
Most Innovative: Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)


Queen of Burlesque: Roxi DLite (Windsor, Canada)
1st Runner Up: Kristina Nekyia (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Nasty Canasta (New York, NY)
Best Debut: MsTickle (New York, NY)
Best Boylesque: The Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Best Troupe: Chicago Starlets (Chicago, IL)
Best Variety: The Dolls of Doom (Chicago, IL)
Most Classic: Mimi LeMeaux (San Diego, CA)
Most Comedic: The Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Most Dazzling: MsTickle (New York, NY)
Most Innovative: MsTickle (New York, NY)


Queen of Burlesque: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
1st Runner Up: Roxi DLite (Windsor, Canada)
2nd Runner Up: Perle Noire (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Melody Mangler (Vancouver, Canada)
Best Boylesque: Hot Toddy (Chicago, IL)
Best Troupe: Nanda (Portland, OR)
Best Variety: Gigi & Pop (New York, NY)
Most Classic: The Amazing Knicker Kittens (Stockholm, Sweden)
Most Comedic: Little Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Dazzling: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
Most Innovative: Aerobella Trapeze (Brooklyn, NY)


Queen of Burlesque: Angie Pontani (New York, NY)
First Runner-up: Lux LaCroix (Los Angeles, CA)
Second Runner-up: Trixie Little (Baltimore, MD)
Best Debut: Perle Noire  (New Orleans, LA)
Best Boylesque: SinJyn (Denver, CO)
Best Troupe: The Peekaboo Revue (Philadelphia)
Best Duo: Jewel of Denial & Kat Bardot (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Classic: Evie Lovelle (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Comedic: Clams Casino (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Innovative: Clams Casino (Brooklyn, NY) & Trixie Little (Baltimore, MD)


Queen of Burlesque: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
1st Runner Up: Little Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Adonna Vichet (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Debut: Violet Eva (Tokyo, Japan)
Best Boylesque: Charlie Champale (Denver, CO)
Best Duo: The Heavenly Spies (Seattle, WA)
Best Troupe: The Von Foxies (Seattle, WA)
Best Pick Up Girl: Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Most Classic: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
Most Innovative: Pinchbottom Burlesque (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Julie Atlas Muz (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
2nd Runner Up: Diamondback Annie (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Debut: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
Best Boylesque: Tigger! (New York, NY)
Best Duo: Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Best Troupe: (tie) Murasaki Babydoll (Japan), Foxy Tann & the Wham-Bam Thank You Ma’ams(St. Paul, MN)
Most Classic: Vienna La Rouge (Seattle, WA)
Best Costume: Roky Roulette (San Francisco, CA)
Most Exotic Move: Rose Wood (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Michelle L’amour (Chicago, IL)
1st Runner Up: Torchy Taboo (Atlanta, GA)
2nd Runner Up: Julie Atlas Muz  (New York, NY)
Best Troupe: The Wau Wau Sisters (New York, NY)
Legend in the Making: Venus deMille (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Costume: Kitten On The Keys (San Francisco, CA)


Miss Exotic World: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Penny Starr Jr. (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: World Famous *BOB* (New York, NY)
Best Troupe: Harlem Shake (Oakland, CA)
Great Tassel Twirl-Off Winner: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Erochica Bamboo (Tokyo, Japan)
1st Runner Up: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Bambi the Mermaid (Coney Island, NY)
Best Troupe: The Cantankerous Lollies (San Francisco, CA)
Sally Rand Fan Dance Award: Miss Dirty Martini  (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Kitten DeVille (Los Angeles, CA)
1st Runner Up: Bella Beretta (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Manuella (Los Angeles, CA)
Shimmy Contest “Queen of the Quake”: Kitten DeVille (Los Angeles, CA)
Shimmy Contest “Little Miss Aftershock”: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA) and Kolorful Kellita (San Francisco, CA) (Tie)


Miss Exotic World: Cherry Malone (Sacramento, CA)
1st Runner Up: Manuella (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Sarah Moon (Belgium)
Best Troupe: The Cantankerous Lollies


Miss Exotic World: Christy Campbell (Las Vegas, NV)


Miss Exotic World: Lotus Derringer (Los Angeles, CA)
1st Runner Up: Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: The Cherry Tarts


Miss Exotic World: Stephanie Blake


Miss Exotic World: Stephanie Blake
1st Runner Up: Julie Uto
2nd Runner Up: Dee Milo


Miss Exotic World: Rio Savant
1st Runner Up: Daisy Delight
2nd Runner Up: Christina


Miss Exotic World: Pillow
1st Runner Up: Elizabeth Ellison
2nd Runner Up: Daisy Delight


Miss Exotic World: Catherine D’lish (Seattle, WA)


Miss Exotic World: AleXXX Marvel


Miss Exotic World: Catherine D’lish (Seattle, WA)


Miss Exotic World: Toni Alessandrini (Silver Lakes, CA)