Title-Holders, 1991 – Present

Below is a complete list of Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (nee Miss Exotic World) titleholders, from 1991 to the present.


Miss Exotic World 2022, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière (Montreal, Canada)
1st Runner Up: Moscato Sky (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Aria Delanoche (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Best Debut: Joy Rider (Montreal, Canada)
Best Small Group: Midnight Mayhem (New York, New York)
Best Large Group: Fatbottom Cabaret (Austin, Texas)
Best Boylesque: P. NoNoire (Chicago, Illinois)
Most Dazzling: P. NoNoire (Chicago, Illinois)
Most Classic: Madison Jane (Asheville, North Carolina)
Most Comedic: James & the Giant Pasty (Toronto, Canada)
Most Innovative: Samson Night (New York, New York)

2020 & 2021

Competition not held due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Miss Exotic World 2019, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco, California)
1st Runner Up: RedBone (San Francisco, California)
2nd Runner Up: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere (Kahnawake, Canada)
Best Debut: Dahlia Fatale (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Small Group: Kitten N’ Lou (New York, New York)
Best Large Group: Mod Carousel (Seattle, Washington)
Best Boylesque: Joshua Dean (New York, New York)
Most Dazzling: Frankie Fictitious (San Francisco, California)
Most Classic: Holly’s Good (Rome, Italy)
Most Comedic: Faye Havoc & Donna Boss Rogers (Vancouver, Canada)
Most Innovative: Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere (Kahnawake, Canada)


Miss Exotic World 2018, Reigning Queen of Burlesque: INGA (Seattle, WA)
1st Runner Up: Jessebelle Thunder (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Elle Dorado (New Orleans, LA)
Best Debut:Aria Delanoche (Montreal, Canada)
Best Small Group: Mara & Alekseï (Paris, France)
Best Large Group: Boys Night Revue (New York, NY)
Best Boylesque: Ickymuffin (Dallas, TX)
Most Classic: Aria Delanoche (Montreal, Canada)
Most Innovative: Boo Bess & Jenny C’est Quoi (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Comedic: BoylesqueTO (Toronto, Canada)
Most Dazzling: Chris Oh! (Auckland, New Zealand)


Miss Exotic World 2017: Medianoche (New York City, NY)
1st Runner Up: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: Sydni Deveraux (New York City, NY)
Best Debut: Musette the Mistress of Mischief (Minneapolis, MN)
Best Boylesque: Lou Henry Hoover (New York, NY)
Best Small Group: Frankie Fictitious and Her Tattooed Man (Oakland, CA)
Best Large Group: Perle Noire presents The House of Noire (New York City, NY)
Most Innovative: Rubyyy Jones (London, UK)
Most Classic: Gin Minsky (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Comedic: Tito Bonito (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Dazzling: Medianoche (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World 2016, Queen of Burlesque: Poison Ivory (New York City, New York)
1st Runner Up: Lada Redstar (Sarajevo, Former Yugoslavia)
2nd Runner Up: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Best Boylesque & Most Innovative: Harden Reddy (Munich, Germany)
Best Debut & Most Classic: Gaea Lady (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Small Group: 2 To Fly (New York City, New York)
Best Large Group & Most Comedic: Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society (Vancouver, Canada)
Most Dazzling: Vicky Butterfly (London, United Kingdom)


Miss Exotic World 2015, Queen of Burlesque: Trixie Little (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)
2nd Runner Up: Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX)
Best Boylesque: Matt Finish (Tucson, AZ)
Best Debut: Zelia Rose (Melbourne, Australia)
Best Small Group and Most Comedic: The Original Twins (Seattle, WA)
Best Large Group and Most Innovative: Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies (New York, NY)
Most Classic: Ruby Joule (Austin, TX)
Most Dazzling: Raven Virginia (Calgary, Canada)


Miss Exotic World 2014, Queen of Burlesque: Midnite Martini (Denver, CO)
1st Runner Up: Medianoche (New York, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Ginger Valentine (Dallas, TX)
Best Boylesque: Mr. Gorgeous (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Bonnie Fox (London, United Kingdom)
Best Group: Land of the Sweets (Seattle, WA)
Best Troupe: The Ruby Revue (Dallas, TX)
Most Classic: Missy Lisa (Dallas, TX)
Most Comedic: Kitten n’ Lou (Seattle, WA/New York, NY)
Most Dazzling: Bonnie Fox (London, UK)
Most Innovative: Aurora Galore (London, UK)


Miss Exotic World 2013, Queen of Burlesque: LouLou D’vil (Helsinki, Finland)
1st Runner Up: Sydni Deveraux (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Lola Frost (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Best Boylesque: Ray Gunn (Chicago, Illinois)
Best Debut: Lada Redstar (Sarajevo – Former Yugoslavia)
Best Duo: Sandria Dore & Russell Bruner (Portland, Oregon)
Best Group: Swing Time (Portland, Oregon)
Most Classic: LouLou D’vil (Helsinki, Finland)
Most Comedic: Mr. Gorgeous (New York, New York)
Most Dazzling: Sweetpea (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Most Innovative: Laurie Hagen (London, United Kingdom)


Queen of Burlesque: Imogen Kelly (Sydney, Australia)
1st Runner Up: Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: Trixie Little (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Best Boylesque:  Russell Bruner (Portland, OR)
Best Duo: Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)
Best Troupe: The Peek-A-Boo Revue (Philadelphia, PA)
Most Classic: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Most Comedic: April O’Peel (Vancouver, BC)
Most Dazzling Dancer: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)
Most Innovative: Koko La Douce (Zürich, Switzerland)


Queen of Burlesque: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA)
1st Runner Up: Anna Fur Laxis (Yorkshire, UK)
2nd Runner Up: Lily Verlaine (Seattle, WA)
Best Debut: LouLou D’vil (Tampere, Finland)
Best Boylesque:  Captain Kidd (Brisbane, Australia)
Best Troupe: The Stage Door Johnnies (Chicago, IL)
Most Classic: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA)
Most Comedic: The Dolls of Doom (Chicago, IL)
Most Dazzling: Captain Kidd (Brisbane, Australia)
Most Innovative: Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)


Queen of Burlesque: Roxi DLite (Windsor, Canada)
1st Runner Up: Kristina Nekyia (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Nasty Canasta (New York, NY)
Best Debut: MsTickle (New York, NY)
Best Boylesque: The Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Best Troupe: Chicago Starlets (Chicago, IL)
Best Variety: The Dolls of Doom (Chicago, IL)
Most Classic: Mimi LeMeaux (San Diego, CA)
Most Comedic: The Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Most Dazzling: MsTickle (New York, NY)
Most Innovative: MsTickle (New York, NY)


Queen of Burlesque: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
1st Runner Up: Roxi DLite (Windsor, Canada)
2nd Runner Up: Perle Noire (New York, NY)
Best Debut: Melody Mangler (Vancouver, Canada)
Best Boylesque: Hot Toddy (Chicago, IL)
Best Troupe: Nanda (Portland, OR)
Best Variety: Gigi & Pop (New York, NY)
Most Classic: The Amazing Knicker Kittens (Stockholm, Sweden)
Most Comedic: Little Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Dazzling: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
Most Innovative: Aerobella Trapeze (Brooklyn, NY)


Queen of Burlesque: Angie Pontani (New York, NY)
First Runner-up: Lux LaCroix (Los Angeles, CA)
Second Runner-up: Trixie Little (Baltimore, MD)
Best Debut: Perle Noire  (New Orleans, LA)
Best Boylesque: SinJyn (Denver, CO)
Best Troupe: The Peekaboo Revue (Philadelphia)
Best Duo: Jewel of Denial & Kat Bardot (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Classic: Evie Lovelle (Los Angeles, CA)
Most Comedic: Clams Casino (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Innovative: Clams Casino (Brooklyn, NY) & Trixie Little (Baltimore, MD)


Queen of Burlesque: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
1st Runner Up: Little Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Adonna Vichet (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Debut: Violet Eva (Tokyo, Japan)
Best Boylesque: Charlie Champale (Denver, CO)
Best Duo: The Heavenly Spies (Seattle, WA)
Best Troupe: The Von Foxies (Seattle, WA)
Best Pick Up Girl: Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Most Classic: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
Most Innovative: Pinchbottom Burlesque (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Julie Atlas Muz (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Kalani Kokonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
2nd Runner Up: Diamondback Annie (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Debut: Immodesty Blaize (London, UK)
Best Boylesque: Tigger! (New York, NY)
Best Duo: Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey (Baltimore, MD)
Best Troupe: (tie) Murasaki Babydoll (Japan), Foxy Tann & the Wham-Bam Thank You Ma’ams(St. Paul, MN)
Most Classic: Vienna La Rouge (Seattle, WA)
Best Costume: Roky Roulette (San Francisco, CA)
Most Exotic Move: Rose Wood (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Michelle L’amour (Chicago, IL)
1st Runner Up: Torchy Taboo (Atlanta, GA)
2nd Runner Up: Julie Atlas Muz  (New York, NY)
Best Troupe: The Wau Wau Sisters (New York, NY)
Legend in the Making: Venus deMille (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Costume: Kitten On The Keys (San Francisco, CA)


Miss Exotic World: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)
1st Runner Up: Penny Starr Jr. (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: World Famous *BOB* (New York, NY)
Best Troupe: Harlem Shake (Oakland, CA)
Great Tassel Twirl-Off Winner: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Erochica Bamboo (Tokyo, Japan)
1st Runner Up: Miss Dirty Martini (New York, NY)
2nd Runner Up: Bambi the Mermaid (Coney Island, NY)
Best Troupe: The Cantankerous Lollies (San Francisco, CA)
Sally Rand Fan Dance Award: Miss Dirty Martini  (New York, NY)


Miss Exotic World: Kitten DeVille (Los Angeles, CA)
1st Runner Up: Bella Beretta (Seattle, Washington)
2nd Runner Up: Manuella (Los Angeles, CA)
Shimmy Contest “Queen of the Quake”: Kitten DeVille (Los Angeles, CA)
Shimmy Contest “Little Miss Aftershock”: Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA) and Kolorful Kellita (San Francisco, CA) (Tie)


Miss Exotic World: Cherry Malone (Sacramento, CA)
1st Runner Up: Manuella (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Runner Up: Sarah Moon (Belgium)
Best Troupe: The Cantankerous Lollies


Miss Exotic World: Christy Campbell (Las Vegas, NV)


Miss Exotic World: Lotus Derringer (Los Angeles, CA)
1st Runner Up: Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Runner Up: The Cherry Tarts


Miss Exotic World: Stephanie Blake


Miss Exotic World: Stephanie Blake
1st Runner Up: Julie Uto
2nd Runner Up: Dee Milo


Miss Exotic World: Rio Savant
1st Runner Up: Daisy Delight
2nd Runner Up: Christina


Miss Exotic World: Pillow
1st Runner Up: Elizabeth Ellison
2nd Runner Up: Daisy Delight


Miss Exotic World: Catherine D’lish (Seattle, WA)


Miss Exotic World: AleXXX Marvel


Miss Exotic World: Catherine D’lish (Seattle, WA)


Miss Exotic World: Toni Alessandrini (Silver Lakes, CA)