2016-2017 List of Legends Events

Members of the international burlesque community showed their love for our Living Legends by helping to send them to the Weekender. Those who contributed to the 2016-17 Legends Challenge not only helped us bring vintage superstars to Las Vegas, but by reducing the costs borne by BHoF, they also support the Burlesque Hall of Fame itself!

Founded by Sparkly Devil in 2011, Legends Challenge is in its fourth year and as the Burlesque Hall of Fame has grown, so has our commitment to celebrating the women and men who make burlesque great. This year’s turnout: Over $10,000.00 raised so far!

All funds raised went to Legends’ hotel rooms, Legends’ Weekender passes, and assisting with travel expenses for Legends who were honored by specific Legend Challenge events or who expressed need of assistance.

If you are interested in helping raise or donating money to the Legends Challenge, please contact GiGi La Femme at challenge@burlesquehall.com

Big Thanks to Our Top Three 2016-17 Legends Challenge Events

Wildvixen’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Extravaganza! (Birmingham, England)
Produced by Wildvixen
Amount raised: $5,100.00

Seattle Burlesque Games and Mayor Of Seattle Burlesque (Seattle, WA)
Produced by Miss Kitty Baby
Amount raised: $4,500.00

Legends of Burlesque Calendar Show (New York City, NY)
Produced by Tiny Twist Productions (Tiny D & Ginger Twist)
Amount raised: $4,090.00

And Much Gratitude to All of Our Other Fabulous Events and Donors

Mayor of Seattle Burlesque #SEABQ Apparel Fundraiser (Seattle, WA)
Mayor of Seattle Burlesque/Sailor St. Claire

SPAM-Tacular: A Meaty Boylesque Benefit (NYC, NY)
Chris Harder

Curvicious Cabaret Legends Challenge (San Francisco, CA)
Curvicious Cabaret

2016 Revelry BHoF Legends Fundraiser (Seattle, WA)
Songbird & Raven

The Pastie Project Book Kickstarter (Online)
Rosey La Rouge

Green Mountain Cabaret Presents: Cabaret Roulette (Burlington, VT)
Green Mountain Cabaret

Las Vegas BHoF Legends Challenge (Las Vegas, NV)
The Las Vegas Burlesque Community

Maggie McMuffin’s Monthly Mayoral Raffle (Seattle, WA)
Maggie McMuffin

Nose to the Rhinestone BHoF Burlesque Legends Fundraiser (Online)
Femme Brulée and Sparkletown Studios

Fannie Annie Star Boa Legends Challenge Fundraiser (Las Vegas, NV)
Star Boa / Big Fannie Annie