2014 BHoF Weekender Financial Report


The annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender is both BHoF’s largest fundraising event, accounting for nearly 80% of our annual revenue, and one of our central educational programs. Carrying on the tradition of the Striptease Reunion begun in 1957 by Jennie Lee and the Exotic Dancers League, today’s Weekender has grown into a 4-day event comprised of four different showcases, including the Miss Exotic World competition; a series of classes taught by the Legends of burlesque’s classic era; parties and social events; and a host of other activities including the Barecats Bowling Tournament and Naked Girls Reading.

Every year, over 200 performers and volunteers donate their time, talent, and financial support to present the best burlesque the world has to offer as well as one of the greatest social events of the year. In keeping with our educational mission, BHoF provides free admission, travel and rooming support, and vending space to dozens of burlesque Legends, allowing attendees the unique experience of seeing performances by the women and men who created the artform we celebrate, as well as talking to and learning from them.

As a public institution and part of the living community of burlesque devotees, BHoF is firmly committed to a policy of openness and inclusiveness. To that end, we offer a breakdown of the 2014 Weekender’s revenues and expenses. The balance each year is transferred to the museum where it funds our ongoing programming, exhibition, and conservation efforts. Although the figures below detail the production of the Weekender in dollars and cents, nothing can quantify the thousands of hours of volunteer labor that goes into creating the event each year, or the love and commitment behind those donated hours. We are eternally grateful to everyone whose contribution, in money or talent, allows us to continue to create this event and to support our mission of preserving and sharing the history of burlesque with the world.


2014 Weekender Revenues and Expenses

Net Income $110,013
Ticket sales $149,138
Sponsors and Vendor 16,841
Legend’s Challenge 15,385
Donations and fundraisers 14,341
Merchandise 4,444
Events and classes $6,750
Net Receipts $206,898
Venue and catering $47,506
Hotel rooms and travel 16,493
Video production 13,163
Advertising and promotion 10,030
Merchandise 3,258
Awards & incentives 2,235
Shuttle rental 1,905
Insurance and fees 1,416
Supplies 879
Total Expenses $96,885

 The 2014 Legends Challenge

One of the distinguishing features of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender is that we bring the Legends of burlesque, performers from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, to Las Vegas as performers, teachers, and honored guests. Our Friday night Titans of Tease show gives today’s performers and fans the opportunity to see performers such as Tempest Storm, Jean Idelle, Toni Elling, April March, Kitten Natividad, Camille 2000, and dozens more as they recreate the moves and styles that shaped modern burlesque. No other festival in the world offers attendees the opportunity to watch, learn from, and interact with so many burlesque Legends so intimately.

To help defray the cost of bringing so many performers to our event each year, in 2011 Sparkly Devil founded the Legends Challenge, a global campaign to organize benefit shows in honor of the Legends of burlesque. Ably run since 2012 by 2014 Miss Exotic World Midnite Martini, the campaign currently covers more than half the cost of bringing as many as three dozen Legends to Las Vegas for the Weekender each year.

In 2014, BHoF provided every attending Legend with a full Weekend Pass (VIP or Premium, depending on availability) and a space in our vending area to sign and sell photos and other memorabilia. Legends who performed as features in Friday’s Titans of Tease were also offered 4 nights hotel lodging at The Orleans. Airfare was provided on a case-by-case basis; many Legends were provided with airfare directly by Legends Challenge event producers, outside of the scope of this accounting.

Total Donations

Total donated to BHoF:        $15,384.66*

* Note: This figure represents to amount donated to BHoF, not any funds used by event producers to directly cover travel expenses for Legends or paid directly to or on behalf of particular Legends.

 2014 Expenses

Total Legends Expenses: $27,598.24
Passes and Tickets: $14,900
35 VIP Passes (@$325 ea)
11 Premium Passes (@$275 ea)
5 Single-night Tickets (VIP; @$100 ea)
Hotel Rooms: 3,594
24 Fri/Sat (@$99/night)
29 Other (@$42/night)
5 Airplane Tickets: 2,104.24
14 Vending Room Tables: (@$500 ea.) 7,000