Volunteers are a key part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender team, assisting with a wide variety of tasks that are essential to the event and its continued success. As we’ve grown, there has been an increased need for volunteers along with an increase in the number of individuals interested in volunteering–so we’ve crafted the following policy to ensure potential volunteers know not only what we need from you but also what we need you for.

Volunteer Service Categories

The categories below outline opportunities open to volunteers at this time. Volunteers may serve in more than one category as long as scheduling permits. Our volunteer coordinator is responsible for coordinating all shifts, and will do her best to accommodate any special requests.


Help promote the BHoF Weekender before, during and after the event! We need dedicated individuals to research, draft and schedule Tweets and Facebook posts, to “become” the BHoF Instagram account and to reach out to media (traditional and online) to generate buzz. On-site volunteers will also help check-in pre-approved members of the press, answer or direct media inquiries and coordinate with the Photo Corps as needed. It’s a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in marketing, public relations and promotion!

Late Night After Party Assistant

Assists in monitoring after party events. This will be a late night position into the morning hours and involve corralling attendees out of the room at the end and ensuring DJ equipment is properly packed and locked away before close.

Legends Escort*

Assists your assigned legend of burlesque as needed. This may include (but not limited to) assisting with costuming at their show, escorting them to various functions of BHoF, and just plain hanging out with them. This is a limited position where intimate one-on-one experience with a Legend is the reward.

Museum Assistant

Assist BHoF Director and staff with a range of activities including setting up and staffing museum display, helping coordinate press interviews and other tasks as needed. May include on-site museum work, individuals in this role should have an interest in burlesque history and museum practice.

Non-Show Events Assistant

Assist with the set up of sub-events (i.e. Finishing School, Pool Party, Legends Q&A) including setting backdrops, chairs, etc. and overseeing entry, ensuring only authorized individuals may attend event (some tech savviness may be required). Low to medium lifting required.

Registration Desk

This role is the Weekender attendee’s first impression! An integral part of the Weekender experience is checking in to receive your wristband and your program, this role involves direct contact with attendees and will require your best customer service skills, and tech savvies to check-in attendees and process payments using the software. Quick thinking (and some training) is required.

Rehearsal Assistant

Assist showcase producer, stage manager and assistant stage managers with their needs to ensure smooth operation of rehearsal including set-up, running errands, collecting release forms, backstage tours, managing timelines, direct contact and coordination with performers and/or venue staff.

Showroom Officer

Monitor and enforce the photo/press policy set by BHoF. This role requires an understanding of the press policy and code of conduct available here and individuals who can speak with a firm authoritative stance to ensure the attendee experience is disturbance-free. May include ushering, coordination with hotel security, and other duties as needed.

Sponsorship Outreach

We need local outreach volunteers from multiple locations around the world to create a bigger, broader reach for our annual fundraising network. Using tools provided by the Head of Sponsorship, volunteers will be tasked with sponsor outreach in your locale to help add to the list of businesses that support the success of the Weekender event. This is a pre-Weekender role and begins immediately.

Stage Kitten

Seeking pick-up artists. Clear discarded costume pieces with care after each performance, being sure to return all items to performer. Must be able to provide own costuming and dress according to the creative direction of showcase producer, move swiftly across the stage (sensible shoes are a must) and be able to bend, pick-up and carry items. Able to follow directions set by the stage manager. No heavy equipment pick-up necessary.

Vendor Area Assistant

Assists Vendor Coordinator with their needs which can including setup and/or running errands, overseeing security of booths, direct contact with vendors and/or Orleans staff. Oversees vending area when vending coordinator is off-site.

Floating Volunteer

On-call role available for various tasks as they come up may include setup, driving/running errands, door duties, and more. Choose this if you have no specific preference in your placement and just want to help out!

Volunteer Benefits

None of the positions for volunteers are paid positions, but volunteers are entitled to a number of benefits not afforded the general public:

  • A chance to meet (and assist) Living Legends while supporting the Burlesque Hall of Fame
  • Income tax deductions for out-of-pocket cash expenses incurred as a result of volunteer service. (Please verify with your tax professional what you can deduct.)
  • An opportunity to be part of a group of people who has a special role in preserving burlesque history and sharing it with the public!
  • Volunteers may receive passes to showcases as determined by the Volunteer Coordinator.


To help the volunteer coordinator place individuals in service areas that meet their desires and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekenders needs, all volunteers are required to complete an application form. This form provides us with the tools to place you where you want to be and where we need you the most. To volunteer please click this link to fill out the BHoF Weekender Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Responsibilities

We value your help tremendously, and to make sure every job gets done and everyone can enjoy their weekend, we’ve got some rules:

Volunteers are responsible to be on time to their appointed shift, and to be at all assigned shifts as agreed upon with the Volunteer Coordinator. It is the volunteers’ responsibility to communicate with the coordinator if there’s a problem and they are not able to attend the shift they are assigned. The coordinator will try to reschedule the volunteer for another shift but this can not be guaranteed.

Volunteers must meet the requirements for their service position for them to be considered “attending” a shift and receive the benefits thereof.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Team reserves the right to terminate a member’s volunteer agreement if his/her services are no longer needed for any reason.

If volunteers do not report for all of their assigned shift(s), or if the volunteer decides to terminate their volunteer agreement, they are liable for any costs incurred on their behalf (tickets, classes, etc).


If you have any questions regarding the volunteer opportunities please email our Volunteer Coordinator.

* If you are interested in becoming a Legends’ Escort, please complete the volunteer form and indicate as such. This position is under the purview of the Legends Team and may be subject to additional rules and responsibilities as assigned by the Legends Escort Coordinator.