BHoF 2023 Barecats Bowling Invitational

Friday, Jun 2, 2023
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Orleans Bowling Alley

BHoF 2023 Barecats Bowling Invitational

We honor the memory of Jennie Lee & the Exotic Dancers League by paying tribute to their unique tradition – a sexy bowling tournament! Put your team together (up to four bowlers) and play your best — or bribe the judges — to win titles like Best Dressed, Most Distracting, Best Ball handlers, and of course, the coveted “Big Lebowski”.

$80 per team (up to four players)


About this event

Jennie Lee, inspiration behind the Burlesque Hall of Fame, brought together the stripteasers of her day to form the Exotic Dancers League, an organization dedicated to creating better and safer working conditions for the women working at California’s revues and nightclubs. Jennie knew that building and growing a community meant teamwork and cooperation. A lifelong sports enthusiast, Jennie brought her girls together not just at the Sassy Lassy, but on the softball diamond and bowling lanes, creating the Barecats League.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame revitalized the Barecats in 2009 with a bowling tournament in honor of Jennie Lee. On Friday, June 7, the bowling alleys at The Orleans Hotel & Casino will thunder with the sound of balls hurtling down the boards and will glitter with the sight of Burlesque Hall of Fame attendees dressed in their not-even-vaguely-bowling-appropriate best to win accolades for Most Distracting, the Big Lebowski, and more. Oh, like Highest Team Score. It IS a sporting event, after all!

So get your team of four together, pick a fabulous theme and equally fabulous costumes, buff your balls and sign up today! Keep you eyes open for our judges shameless demands for bribes!

The Orleans Hotel & Casino requires that all participants be appropriately dressed. (No pasties, no g-strings – you must wear at least the equivalent of a swimsuit.)

“This event is the most like the fucking goat Farm!” – Jo Weldon

“Taking us back to our stupid, trashy roots!” – Tigger!

“A good group of degenerates!” – Midnite Martini