VHoF Judging Criteria

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting, entertaining, innovative, fun, sexy and/or hilarious burlesque acts from all over the world. Those qualities in your own body of work are what you should have in mind when you select the act(s) you want to submit.

The overall evaluation

The act is what counts. Because we are, first and foremost, evaluating the acts that are being submitted, the act (and video) are by far the most important part of the evaluation. We aim to include acts from across a wide range of styles and geographical areas, providing they have that “special something” described above. To be fair to all acts submitted, special consideration is not granted for having competed before, volunteering for BHoF, having a particular style or appearance, who you “are” in the burlesque community, whether you submitted the application earlier than anyone else, etc. We give full and equal consideration to each and every act submitted, and the evaluation is strictly of the video.

Judging criteria

Below is the judging criteria for 2020 VHoF. Please refer to these guidelines when deciding which of your routines you would like to bring to VHoF.

Under these unique conditions, there could be performance elements we don’t foresee. If you do a spectacular job of making your act entertaining with criteria not listed here, we will take that into consideration!

Screen presence
Personality, attitude, eye contact — you got it! Work the camera, work the angles, let us see you shine.

Movement and Musicality
Your connection to your body and to the music. It’s not necessarily dance training, but physical commitment to your performance.

Originality and Innovation
Unique and clever concepts and distinctive use of the current technology and environment. We want to see your big sexy brain and imagination!

Make the most of whatever you have. Whether you work to recreate the effect of a stage, film on your lawn, or fill a tight space with your talent, we’re here for it!

Overall look, including costuming, props, makeup, styling, etc. — and specifically how well they work in the context of your act and concept.

Striptease Expertise
Burlesque striptease is about making clothing removal (or the reverse) interesting!