COVID-19 Info & Vaccination Requirements for 2022 Weekender Attendees and Performers

For the protection of our performers, production staff and volunteers, attendees, and burlesque Legends, all attendees to the 2022 BHoF Weekender will be required to be fully vaccinated. Vaccinations are recognized as the single most effective way to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, and thus the best way to reduce the risk of attending the Weekender for our beloved burlesque Legends and other immune-compromised people in our community.

Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”

Please come ready to show your vaccination card (or official app or digital photo) when you pick up your wristbands. All attendees will be required to have a current vaccination, as defined in the table below. We will be using these tables on-site to verify vaccination status for attendees who have not yet received a booster.

Vaccinated? Vaccine type Months since vaccination Boosted? Are you considered “currently” vaxxed?
Yes Pfizer or Moderna less than 6 N/A Yes
6 or more Yes Yes
No No
Johnson & Johnson less than 2 N/A Yes
2 or more Yes Yes
No No
No N/A N/A N/A No


Vaccination Exemptions

Due to the difficulty in evaluating religious exemptions, we will not be accepting religious exemptions for this event.
If you have a verified medical exemption, please email us at with documentation from a physician or other medical professional. In accordance with CDC and local health guidelines, persons medically unable to be vaccinated should wear a mask in all public spaces and any time during which you will be in contact with other Weekender attendees, Orleans hotel staff, or other hotel visitors.

Ticket Transfer/Refund Policy

In order to confirm that all Weekender attendees are in compliance with this year’s vaccination policies, 2022 Weekender tickets will NOT be transferable. Tickets may be returned for refund through May 15 and will be offered for sale again through our online ticketing platform. A small number of single-night tickets will also be offered through our ticketing platform and on-site. NO third-party ticket purchases will be honored.
Ticket-holders who must cancel their trip due to a positive COVID test in the 10 days before the event may contact us at to arrange a refund. Likewise, if you must leave the event due to a positive COVID test or similar medical emergency after your arrival in Las Vegas, email us at AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will issue a partial refund for unused days.

Please note, this is an ever-evolving situation and we reserve the right to change our guidelines in response to updated conditions and guidance.

Please check back soon for  requirements for international visitors.


Because this is a fully vaccinated event, we are not requiring masks be worn during BHoF events. We recommend all attendees follow current CDC guidance regarding mask-wearing when in contact with other persons or in public areas. Note that this requirement may change in very short notice depending on the situation in Clark County and advisements from the CDC or local health authorities. We recommend all attendees bring masks with them in case we find it necessary to impose a mask requirement at the last minute.